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1959 Roadster (Restored)


This car was purchased in San Diego, Ca. and has been off the road since 1978. There were minor repairs that were needed on the frame due to moisture from the wood floors but those were easily fixed, the rest of the frame was perfect and straight. Unbeknownst to us we found out that the car had been in an accident as you can see after the paint had been stripped away and had been cheaply fixed by hammering out the dent and applying a ton of bondo. We don’t do cheap fixes so we have therefore cut the front away and have added a new shroud repair and duct panel making sure everything has been done correctly.

The car is 75% way through a full body off restoration and will be painted red with a black interior/trim. The 1600 engine has been professionally cleaned and bored and rebuilt along with the transmission. We have all the final build parts ready to install once we get the body back painted from our body guy. See our ‘build process’ page for how we restore all of our cars and check back in for updated photos.



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